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ORB::ORBObject< ZEROCICETYPE > Class Template Reference

#include <ORB.H>

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Static Public Attributes

static const string name
 The name of this class - once set, it can't be changed. More...

Detailed Description

template<class ZEROCICETYPE>

Basic type to have remote procedure call And serialisation (Object request Broking) provided by ZeroC ICE (

Here is an example of how to setup a class which interfaces a ORB network protocol ( below) :

class ORBTestClass : public ORBObject<ORBTEST::ORBTestICE> {
//implement the virtual method which is in the protocol
int method(int input, const Ice::Current& c){
return input+1;
template<> const string ORBTestClass::ORBObject<ORBTEST::ORBTestICE>::name("ORBTestClass"); // setup the type identity of the class

Where the file looks like so :

// Author Matt Flax <flatmax@>
// Date: 2013.05.02
module ORBTEST {
// a class with a simple method and variable
class ORBTestICE {
int method(int input);
float variable;
Template Parameters
ZEROCICETYPEThe class generated by splice2cpp on your ice file

Definition at line 89 of file ORB.H.

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

template<class ZEROCICETYPE >
const string ORB::ORBObject< ZEROCICETYPE >::name

The name of this class - once set, it can't be changed.

Definition at line 91 of file ORB.H.

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