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ORB::ORBICE Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ORB::ORBICE:

Private Member Functions

void getObjectPointer (string name, out Object objectPointer)
void shutdown ()
 shut down the communicator on the remote host More...

Detailed Description

This network protocol specifies the class ORBICE. The methods specified here must be overloaded in your language by your equivalent of the ORBOriginator class which has been written for C++.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getObjectPointer()

void ORB::ORBICE::getObjectPointer ( string  name,
out Object  objectPointer 

Given a name, this will return the idempotent class objectPointer to be passed over the network. This method is called on the ORBOriginator by a call over the network using the ORBReplicator::getObjectPointer method.

nameThe name used to register the desired class using ORBOriginator::addClass
objectPointerIf it exists, the idempotent pointer to be replicated on the ORBReplicator thread. If it doesn't exist, then NULL.

◆ shutdown()

void ORB::ORBICE::shutdown ( )

shut down the communicator on the remote host

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