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JackBaseWithPortNamesGui Class Reference

#include <JackPortMonitorGui.H>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~JackBaseWithPortNamesGui ()
 Destructor. More...
void reSyncPortGui (void)
virtual bool dragDataReceived (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int info, const unsigned char *selectionStoredData, int length)
- Public Member Functions inherited from JackBaseWithPortNames
void findInputConnections ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from JackBase
 JackBase ()
 JackBase (string clientName_)
 JackBase (string clientName_, string serverName)
virtual ~JackBase ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual int stopClient (void)
virtual int disconnect (void)
int getSampleRate (void) const
virtual int createPorts (string inName, int inCnt, string outName, int outCnt)
virtual int destroyPorts ()
void getPhysicalPorts (vector< jack_port_t *> &inPorts, vector< jack_port_t *> &outPorts)
void getPhysicalPortCount (int &in, int &out)
bool connected ()
virtual int connect (string clientName_)
virtual int connect (const string &clientName_, const string &serverName)
virtual void print (ostream &os)
string getClientName ()
virtual void setClientName (string cn)
string portNameFromPort (jack_port_id_t p)
string portNameFromPort (jack_port_t *p)
string clientNameFromPort (jack_port_id_t p)
string clientNameFromPort (jack_port_t *p)
string clientNameFromPortName (string fullPortName)
string clientNameFromPortNames (string fullPortName, string shortPortName)
string shortPortNameFromPortName (const string fullPortName)
bool operator== (const string &cn)
int getInputPortSize ()
jack_port_t * getInputPort (int i)
jack_port_t * getOutputPort (int i)
void addInputPort (jack_port_t *inP)
void addOutputPort (jack_port_t *outP)
int populatInOutPorts (const string &inName, vector< string > &inPorts, const string &outName, vector< string > &outPorts)
int connectPorts (const string inName, const string outName)
virtual int disconnectPorts (const string &inName, const string &outName)
void setClient (jack_client_t *c)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventBox
 EventBox (void)
void setBackgroundColour (GdkColor *colour, GtkStateType state=GTK_STATE_NORMAL)
void setBackgroundColour (const char *colourName, GtkStateType state=GTK_STATE_NORMAL)
void setAboveChild (bool aboveChild)
void setVisibleWindow (bool visible)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Box
 Box (void)
 constructor More...
Boxoperator<< (BoxIS bis)
 destructor destroys the widget to neatly cleanup. More...
Boxoperator<< (Box &b)
Boxoperator<< (int val)
Boxoperator<< (Box *b)
Boxoperator<< (Container &b)
Boxoperator<< (Container *b)
Boxoperator<< (GtkWidget *b)
Boxoperator<< (Widget *w)
Boxoperator<< (Widget &w)
Boxoperator<< (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
Boxoperator>> (GtkWidget *b)
Boxoperator>> (Container *b)
Boxoperator>> (Container &b)
Boxoperator= (const Box b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BoxIS
 BoxIS (void)
 BoxIS (bool expandIn, bool fillIn)
 BoxIS (bool expandIn, bool fillIn, bool startIn)
void reset (void)
void setDefaultStart (bool startIn)
void setDefaultExpand (bool expandIn)
void setDefaultFill (bool fillIn)
BoxISoperator= (BoxIS &bis)
BoxISoperator= (const BoxIS bis)
void dump (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Container
void setBorder (unsigned int size)
unsigned int getBorder (void)
Containeroperator<< (Container &c)
Containeroperator<< (Container *c)
Containeroperator<< (Widget &w)
Containeroperator<< (Widget *w)
Containeroperator<< (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
Containeroperator>> (GtkWidget *w)
Containeroperator>> (Container *c)
Containeroperator>> (Container &c)
Containeroperator>> (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
void setChildrensSensitivity (bool sens)
bool areAnyChildrensSensitive (void)
unsigned int size ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 Widget ()
 Construcotr. More...
 Widget (GtkWidget *w)
virtual ~Widget ()
 Destructor. More...
GtkWidget * ref (void)
void unref (void)
GtkWidget * show (void)
GtkWidget * hide (void)
bool getVisible (void)
GtkWidget * getWidget (void)
bool getSensitive (void)
void setSensitive (bool sens)
void getSize (int &width, int &height)
virtual void setSize (int width, int height)
void getLocationSize (int &x, int &y, int &width, int &height)
void queueDraw ()
GdkWindow * getWindow ()
void connect (const char *event, GCallback callback, gpointer data)
void connectAfter (const char *event, GCallback callback, gpointer data)
void connectExposeEventCallback (GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectExposeEventCallback (GtkWidget *w, GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectConfigureEventCallback (GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectConfigureEventCallback (GtkWidget *w, GCallback callback, void *data)
Widgetoperator<< (DragNDrop &dnd)
Widgetoperator>> (DragNDrop &dnd)

Public Attributes

ClientIOGui inputPortGui
 The input port gui. More...
ClientIOGui outputPortGui
 The output port gui. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from JackBaseWithPortNames
map< string, map< string, vector< string > > > inputPortNamesAndConnections
 The input port names which map to a vector of the connected clients and each of their connected ports. More...
vector< string > outputPortNames
 The output port names. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from JackBase
bool connect1To1
 When true, then connections are made in a 1 to 1 manner. When False, then connections are made in an all to all manner. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from BoxIS
bool expand
 Set to expand the box contents. More...
bool fill
 Set to fill the box. More...
bool start
 Set to pack the start. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual int chooseTheTargetToUse (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, DragNDrop &dnd)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Box
enum  {
  EXPAND =1, FILL =2, START =4, RESET =8,
  END =16, NOFILL =32, NOEXPAND =64
- Protected Member Functions inherited from JackBase
virtual void determineLatencies ()
int getPortListAndCount (JackPortFlags flags, vector< jack_port_t *> *ports, const char *portNamePattern, const char *typeNamePattern)
int getPortListAndCount (JackPortFlags flags, vector< string > *ports, const char *portNamePattern, const char *typeNamePattern)
virtual void reSyncPorts (void)
virtual void reSyncConnections (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
virtual bool checkDropValidity (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int info, const unsigned char *selectionStoredData)
virtual void dragLeave (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget)
virtual bool dragMotion (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int x, int y)
virtual void dragDataGet (GtkWidget *w, GtkSelectionData *selectionData, guint info)
virtual void dragDataDelete (GtkWidget *w)
virtual void dragBegin (GtkWidget *w)
virtual void dragEnd (GtkWidget *w)
- Protected Attributes inherited from JackBase
jack_client_t * client
 The jack client. More...
string clientName
 The name of this client. More...
jack_options_t jackOptions
 Options for jack. More...
jack_status_t status
 The status of jack. More...
int physicalInputPortCnt
 The number of physical input ports. More...
int physicalOutputPortCnt
 The number of physical input ports. More...
vector< jack_port_t * > inputPorts
 The input ports. More...
vector< jack_port_t * > outputPorts
 The output ports. More...
vector< jack_nframes_t > inputLatencies
 The input latencies, one for each port. More...
vector< jack_nframes_t > outputLatencies
 The output latencies, one for each port. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
GtkWidget * widget
 The container based widget. More...

Detailed Description

A full duplex client GUI components. Maintains two half duplex port systems for input and output. Inherits from an EventBox to handle drag and drop features.

Definition at line 137 of file JackPortMonitorGui.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~JackBaseWithPortNamesGui()

virtual JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::~JackBaseWithPortNamesGui ( )


Definition at line 151 of file JackPortMonitorGui.H.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ chooseTheTargetToUse()

int JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::chooseTheTargetToUse ( GtkWidget *  w,
GtkWidget *  sourceWidget,
DragNDrop dnd 

Executed when the target is dropped. This method specifies whether we are connecting or disconnecting ports. Drags from inputs connect and drags from outputs disconnect.

wthe GtkWidget which is the destination of the drag.
sourceWidgetThe widget being dragged.
dndThe drag and drop data contexts
CONNECT_PORTS or DISCONNECT_PORTS when connecting or disconnecting respectively. Returns <0 on error.

Reimplemented from Widget.

Definition at line 164 of file JackPortMonitorGui.C.

◆ dragDataReceived()

bool JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::dragDataReceived ( GtkWidget *  w,
GtkWidget *  sourceWidget,
int  info,
const unsigned char *  selectionStoredData,
int  length 

Executed when the user drops and completes the drag. This is executed in the destination widget's class.

wthe GtkWidget which is the destination of the drag.
infothe info that has been registered with the target in the GtkTargetList.
selectionStoredDataThe raw data which is sent by the other side, cast to a unsigned char pointer.
lengthThe length of the stored data
true on success or false on failure

Reimplemented from Widget.

Definition at line 141 of file JackPortMonitorGui.C.

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◆ reSyncPortGui()

void JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::reSyncPortGui ( void  )

Resynchronise the Gui from the knows set of ports.

Definition at line 131 of file JackPortMonitorGui.C.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ inputPortGui

ClientIOGui JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::inputPortGui

The input port gui.

Definition at line 148 of file JackPortMonitorGui.H.

◆ outputPortGui

ClientIOGui JackBaseWithPortNamesGui::outputPortGui

The output port gui.

Definition at line 149 of file JackPortMonitorGui.H.

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