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HBox Class Reference

#include <Box.H>

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Public Member Functions

 HBox ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Box
 Box (void)
 constructor More...
Boxoperator<< (BoxIS bis)
 destructor destroys the widget to neatly cleanup. More...
Boxoperator<< (Box &b)
Boxoperator<< (int val)
Boxoperator<< (Box *b)
Boxoperator<< (Container &b)
Boxoperator<< (Container *b)
Boxoperator<< (GtkWidget *b)
Boxoperator<< (Widget *w)
Boxoperator<< (Widget &w)
Boxoperator<< (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
Boxoperator>> (GtkWidget *b)
Boxoperator>> (Container *b)
Boxoperator>> (Container &b)
Boxoperator= (const Box b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BoxIS
 BoxIS (void)
 BoxIS (bool expandIn, bool fillIn)
 BoxIS (bool expandIn, bool fillIn, bool startIn)
void reset (void)
void setDefaultStart (bool startIn)
void setDefaultExpand (bool expandIn)
void setDefaultFill (bool fillIn)
BoxISoperator= (BoxIS &bis)
BoxISoperator= (const BoxIS bis)
void dump (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Container
void setBorder (unsigned int size)
unsigned int getBorder (void)
Containeroperator<< (Container &c)
Containeroperator<< (Container *c)
Containeroperator<< (Widget &w)
Containeroperator<< (Widget *w)
Containeroperator<< (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
Containeroperator>> (GtkWidget *w)
Containeroperator>> (Container *c)
Containeroperator>> (Container &c)
Containeroperator>> (LinkList< GtkWidget *> &ll)
void setChildrensSensitivity (bool sens)
bool areAnyChildrensSensitive (void)
unsigned int size ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Widget
 Widget ()
 Construcotr. More...
 Widget (GtkWidget *w)
virtual ~Widget ()
 Destructor. More...
GtkWidget * ref (void)
void unref (void)
GtkWidget * show (void)
GtkWidget * hide (void)
bool getVisible (void)
GtkWidget * getWidget (void)
bool getSensitive (void)
void setSensitive (bool sens)
void getSize (int &width, int &height)
virtual void setSize (int width, int height)
void getLocationSize (int &x, int &y, int &width, int &height)
void queueDraw ()
GdkWindow * getWindow ()
void connect (const char *event, GCallback callback, gpointer data)
void connectAfter (const char *event, GCallback callback, gpointer data)
void connectExposeEventCallback (GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectExposeEventCallback (GtkWidget *w, GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectConfigureEventCallback (GCallback callback, void *data)
void connectConfigureEventCallback (GtkWidget *w, GCallback callback, void *data)
Widgetoperator<< (DragNDrop &dnd)
Widgetoperator>> (DragNDrop &dnd)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Box
enum  {
  EXPAND =1, FILL =2, START =4, RESET =8,
  END =16, NOFILL =32, NOEXPAND =64
- Public Attributes inherited from BoxIS
bool expand
 Set to expand the box contents. More...
bool fill
 Set to fill the box. More...
bool start
 Set to pack the start. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Box
virtual void pack (GtkWidget *obj)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Widget
virtual bool checkDropValidity (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int info, const unsigned char *selectionStoredData)
virtual bool dragDataReceived (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int info, const unsigned char *selectionStoredData, int length)
virtual void dragLeave (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget)
virtual bool dragMotion (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int x, int y)
virtual int chooseTheTargetToUse (GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, DragNDrop &dnd)
virtual void dragDataGet (GtkWidget *w, GtkSelectionData *selectionData, guint info)
virtual void dragDataDelete (GtkWidget *w)
virtual void dragBegin (GtkWidget *w)
virtual void dragEnd (GtkWidget *w)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Widget
GtkWidget * widget
 The container based widget. More...

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HBox()

HBox::HBox ( )

The HBox constructor

Definition at line 370 of file Box.H.

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