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/* Copyright 2000-2018 Matt Flax <>
This file is part of GTK+ IOStream class set
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#include "Window.H"
#include "DragNDrop.H"
#include "Buttons.H"
#include "Labels.H"
#include "Box.H"
#include "Frame.H"
/* In this GTK Drag and Drop example, it is more complex.
Firstly on dropping, data is passed.
Secondly, on dropping, the button widget is moved from the source frame to the destination frame.
static void quit(void *wid, gpointer data) {
static void nothingFunction(void *wid, gpointer data) {
/* Overload the source and destination Frame Widget's drag and drop methods to enable data sending and reception.
class DNDFrame : public Frame {
/* When the drag widget is dropped, this is executed. It sends some data and removes the widget from the container.
This is executed in the source widget's user data class ('fromFrame' below).
\param w the object which is the source of the drag.
\param selectionData the data to send.
\param info the info that has been registered with the target in the GtkTargetList.
virtual void dragDataGet(GtkWidget *w, GtkSelectionData *selectionData, guint info) {
char output[]="test this one"; // send this data
gtk_selection_data_set(selectionData, gtk_selection_data_get_target(selectionData), sizeof(char), (unsigned char*) output, strlen(output));
operator>>(w); // remove the widget from the frame
/* Executed when the user drops and completes. This prints out the sent data and adds the dropped widget to the Frame container.
This is executed in the destination widget's class.
\param w the GtkWidget which is the destination of the drag.
\param info the info that has been registered with the target in the GtkTargetList.
\param selectionStoredData The raw data which is sent by the other side, cast to a unsigned char pointer.
\param length The length of the stored data
\return true on success or false on failure
virtual bool dragDataReceived(GtkWidget *w, GtkWidget *sourceWidget, int info, const unsigned char *selectionStoredData, int length) {
cout<<"Read the following from the drop data :\n"<<selectionStoredData<<endl;
operator<<(sourceWidget); // add the widget to the frame
return true;
// constructor
DNDFrame(const char *label) : Frame(label){}
// destructor
virtual ~DNDFrame(){}
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
// Normal GTK from here
gtk_init( &argc, &argv );
DNDFrame toFrame("to frame"); // DND destination widget - instantiate the widget to drag to
Buttons draggingButton; // DND source widget - create the widget which will be dragged around
draggingButton<<BUTTONLABELSTRUCT("drag button", nothingFunction, NULL); // just a regular button
GtkWidget *db=draggingButton.current(); // point to the actual widget
DNDFrame fromFrame("from frame"); // DND Source container widget (nothing special) - instantiate the container widget to hold the button to be dragged
fromFrame<<draggingButton; // load the widget to drag around into the frame
// DND related code from here
DragNDrop dnd; // instantiate a drag and drop class
dnd<<(GtkTargetEntry){(char*)"INTEGER", 0, 0}; // setup a data type for the dnd system - as there is only one, it is the default
*(Widget*)(&toFrame)<<dnd; // Tell the DNDFrame it will be the dragging destination
dnd<<fromFrame; // tell dnd that fromFrame is the user data for DND callbacks
Widget(db)>>dnd; // Tell the Widget it will be dragged around - note, it has to be of type Widget()
// Normal GTK code from here
VBox vBox; // vertical box to hold all of the widgets
vBox<<BoxIS(false, true, false)<<(Buttons()<<BUTTONLABELSTRUCT("Quit", quit, NULL)); // Add the quit button to the end
vBox<<BoxIS(true, true, true)<<; // put the from frame at the start of the vertical box
vBox<<BoxIS(true, true, false)<<; // put the to frame at the end of the vertical box
Window topWindow; // the top window
return 0;
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